• Allison B.

New Beginnings

Starting a blog is an aspiration that has sat on a shelf in the back of my mind. I have always dreamt of becoming a writer, whether that involves publishing books and anthologies, writing articles and pieces for magazines, or showcasing technical research findings in journals. Over the past few years, that ambition has collected a lot of dust from school, jobs, and other life responsibilities. After graduating college, moving miles away from home, and starting a new job, I began to feel increasingly stressed and anxious about my decisions. Everything leading up to this point has been part of my life plan, but sitting alone in my tiny apartment on the verge of tears more often than not has encouraged me to take on a new perspective.

Even though I love writing, it has always been difficult for me to share my personal pieces with people, even my family and friends. My poetry has allowed me to express myself when I felt compelled to hide my feelings or bite my tongue. For this reason, I have felt that my poems have come to represent the most honest form of myself. Although this makes me feel vulnerable, I am beginning to learn that is completely okay. I am beginning to learn that vulnerability is strength, and that knowing my truth is the best manifestation of self-love and the greatest gift that I can give myself and those who love me.

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